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Mevagissey Working Sail Association

A sample of some of the attending boats in action

MWSA Regatta 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2012

Our 2012 regatta will be held late-June in Mevagissey Harbour. The schedule is:
Friday 22nd (or earlier): Arrival of all boats.
Saturday 23rd: Friendly race.
Sunday 24th: Harbour sail-past by all boats.
This year we are tacking onto the front of the famous Mevagissey Feast Week to make it an even more spectacular event. Feast Week runs from Sunday through the week and features such favourites as the Fish Festival, Floral Dance, St Austell Town Band and many, many live acts. Book your accommodation early, this is a very popular event!


Friday is arrivals day. If you want to see the luggers coming into the harbour and taking up their moorings, this is the time to be around. As you know, time and tide aren't known for waiting so that's going to be your job! We can't predict when each lugger will arrive, so why not make a full day of it and watch from one of the many benches surrounding Mevagissey harbour? There are pubs, restaurants, cafés and take-aways all around the village, and we're well equipped with public spaces (and public loos!) If you fancy a panoramic view, head for one of the cliff-top parks and take a picnic. From the North you have fantastic views out to sea, and all along the coast to the East. From the South side you can look down into the harbour and watch the activity as it unfolds.

For all taking part in the Regatta, Friday night is welcome night. Details still being settled as we speak, but you can guarantee it will be a friendly and convivial evening.


Saturday is the main event for competitors and spectators alike! During the day the Luggers will be taking part in a friendly race around the bay, winner gets bragging rights in the bar that night. This is a fantastic opportunity to see these lovely old boats doing what they do best - and in numbers that are extraordinary in modern times. This is a sight you won't want to miss.

In addition to the boats themselves, the day will feature stalls on the jetty, music on the main stage and lots of friendly boaty fun.


Sunday's departure day for the boats, and kick-off for Feast Week. If you still haven't seen these beautiful boats take to the sea by Sunday (what have you been doing!?) this is your last chance. There will be much stowing of gear, pulling of ropes*, and nursing of hangovers.

*Yes, we know - just the one on the bell!

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